Turn students and their parents into word-of-mouth advocates for your institution by giving them powerful, engaging content to share with social networks.

Merit makes word-of-mouth marketing measurable and lets you see real-time impact of social media engagement from parents and students.

Merit creates an online showcase of your students and their achievements, with branded elements that showcase your institution.

Attention. Your job as a higher ed marketer is to get attention for the students and programs that make your institution unique.

How does Merit work?


Students make the dean's list, study abroad, present research: accomplishments that tell your school's story

Whether it's one student or 1,000, within as little as 5 minutes a marketing staffer creates and promotes personalized stories for each person


Merit kicks off social media sharing that generates real word-of-mouth marketing about your institution

Students and parents get emails linking them to personalized achievements and college-branded Merit pages

Merit even sends customized press releases to hometown newspapers to generate awareness in local press

Merit tracks, measures and reports on the attention each achievement generates for your institution


Almost 500 colleges and universities use Merit to generate and measure valuable attention for student success and outcomes in local news, online, and in social networks. Merit gets you the attention you deserve.

Watch the video to learn how Merit promotes student success

The media landscape has drastically changed and traditional marketing tactics can no longer deliver the audiences you need to reach.

Merit turns your students and parents into champions of your brand in local news and in social networks.

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Merit is an easy-to-use marketing application that gets attention for your students and your institution. It's more effective and less expensive than traditional advertising.
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Promote Student Outcomes


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Reach local newspapers with stories about your students' success for a flat rate, no matter how many times you get your message out.

Kristina Michel
University Relations

"Merit is easy and powerful. I love how Merit provides statistics on student engagement but also shows how students are building their Merit pages and sharing their success in social media in real time."

Eric Sieger
Director of Public Relations

"Merit allows some of our most rabid fans -- parents of current students -- to not only spread the good word about their student, but also about the great things happening at Carleton College with the world."

"We're impressed by Merit's social media analytics. We also like to see the conversations taking place on Facebook and Twitter when our students share their achievements with their family and friends."

Lisa Brandon
Director of Media Relations

Julie Long
Asst Dir of Communications

"We are loving Merit at Nazareth College! After granting some big achievements like dean's list and commencement, it was fun to watch the students emrbace it by sharing their badges on social media. We are proud of our students and Merit is the perfect way to showcase it."

"Merit has expanded our ability to promote student achievements beyond what we imagined. The feedback from students and parents has been overwhelmingly positive. We've had parents call our office to thank us for recognition. Merit helps make customization of a personal moment possible."

Aimee Bullinger
Assoc Dir of Communications

"We have seen much higher social media engagement with Merit and more students mentioned in local publications than before. And, our results are now measurable thanks to Merit's back-end data. We are able to paint a more complete picture of what our office does to enhance the college's profile."

Jeff Weld
Director of College Relations

Ron Cole
Director of University Relations

"Merit provides one of the most effective means that we have found for Youngstown State University to recognize and celebrate student success. The folks at readMedia are responsive, accessible and always looking for ways to improve their product."

"The best thing about Merit is that it makes it easy for us to acknowledge and for students to share their accomplishments, and in turn, spreads the mission and message of Siena College to new audiences."

Allison Turcio
Assoc Dir of Communications

"Seeing our students excitedly sharing their news across social media reaffirms how invaluable Merit has become for student engagement and recruitment. Merit allows us to celebrate students' achievements in a way that's neither time-sensitive nor cost prohibitive.

Vicki Rooney
University Relations

Gwen Larson
Asst Dir Marketing and Media

"Merit connects stories of our students' accomplishments with media around the country and through social media networks, all with just a few clicks of the mouse."

"We just started using Merit -- and we're already pleased. Our students are enthusiastic about using Merit. Great product and incredible customer service."

Randy Page
Director of Public Relations

"We love Merit! Its wonderful that we can easily track and measure our success."

Maritza Gonzales
Social Media Communications

Morgan Somerville
University News

"Merit is having a great impact. Students are already claiming their Merit pages, adding activities and jobs. We are totally obsessed with Merit."

"The value of Merit is letting the world know all about amazing Potsdam people. SUNY Potsdam's culture of creativity encourages students to fulfill their potential -- we are excited to showcase an array of achievements with Merit."

Alex Jacobs
Communications Associate

"Merit is a great way to recognize your best and brightest students while simultaneously featuring the programs your university has to offer."

Kate Bastien
University Marketing & Media

Merit Success Stories

Hometown News Reimagined

Engaging Students with Social Media

Engaging Admitted Students

Turn Parents into Amabassadors

From Start to Success in 30 Days

Promoting Student Outcomes

JMU used Merit to triple the number of media markets reached and cut time spent on traditional hometown news by 90%

UL-Lafayette used Merit to generate social media engagement among students about its most distinctive programs and activities

Merit was a key strategy for NIU to combat summer melt and engage incoming freshmen even before they arrived on campus

Carleton College relies on Merit as a way to get parents talking about their brand and student success in Facebook and Twitter

In one year, Merit helped YSU create more than 12,000 individual stories and 29,000 social media impressions about student success

Hofstra signed up for Merit and 30 days later had already promoted four achievements in local newspapers, online, and in social networks

500 colleges rely on Merit for marketing & media results

Merit makes sure the students are the center of your story

Your brand anchors your institution's Merit page. A timeline of student success stories is updated each time you use Merit.

Each achivement badge and summary links to an automatically-created landing page, highlighting students who attained the honor.

Branded achievement badges are easily shared in social networks, carrying your brand identity and links to your stories into the Facebook and Twitter feeds of parents and students.

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