// Get your college students the attention they deserve //

College is a huge investment, and it's harder than ever to make it pay off. In a competitive world, every advantage helps.

Now you can help tip the scales.

If your child's college is using Merit, then it is verifying, publicizing and promoting their achievements with a personalized Merit page. Every time your student accomplishes something remarkable -- whether it's making the dean's list, making the team, or making a mark in the community -- their school adds a verified badge to their Merit page to tell the world that they're extraordinary, and even sends a press release to your hometown newspaper to let them know of your student's success.

You can easily spread the word about these important achievements by clicking the "follow" button on the Merit page. When you follow your child's page, you'll get updates every time their college promotes a new accomplishment. Then, make sure that employers, colleagues, friends and family see the good news by sharing the acheivement in your social networks!

Anyone can follow your child's Merit page, so encourage teachers, coaches, pastors and other influential people in your life to stay up-to-date on accomplishments. That way, your child is on their mind when opportunities arise.

You can make a difference.

Get attention for your student's success.

Almost 500 colleges and universities in the US use Merit to promote the achievements of more than 1.5 million students. If you can't find someone you care about on Meritpages.com, contact the institution's communications or university relations office, or get in touch with campus leadership like the college's president or provost.

What if my child's college isn't on Merit?

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